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Hi There!

I’m Kelly! I’m a mental health therapist in Philadelphia, PA. In September 2018, I was officially diagnosed with depression. Was this a surprise? No. Mental health issues run in my family, so I always kind of expected that depression would hit me eventually– but I never thought it would hit so hard! This site is a space for me to collect my thoughts, share my personal growth, and get inspired while transitioning to a healthier lifestyle.

More about me:

  • I moved to Philadelphia, PA in 2015 and the city has completely changed my life in the best way
  • I have a thing for long nighttime drives and dancing to 90’s punk music
  • You may find me crawling through windows of abandoned buildings from time to time
  • I almost always have a camera close by
  • I like books, crafts, and sleeping in forests
  • My rock collection has grown three times bigger over the past year
  • I sell handmade jewelry in my >>etsy shop<<

I hope you hang your hat and stay a while!

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